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My name is Grace. Im 19 and still trying to figure out what real life is really like.


The thing is men CAN control themselves from sexually harassing people, using your judgement over your “animal instincts” is what makes you a human.  ”boys will be boys” is not an excuse. 





i feel like mary lambert just saved my entire day by putting out this music video

im violently crying like literally every time i hear this i cant not sob

Hearing her read this poem in person was a defining moment in my life. Mary Lambert is incredible.

I hope everybody watches this.

Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference.

—Kai, Lessons in Life #21 (via organicafe)

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do you ever get weirded out by the fact that everyone around you is constantly within their own mind and thinking a million secret thoughts and battling internal struggles just like you and that you’re not the only one who thinks these things and that the people around you aren’t just faces meant to fill up your life but they’re actually really deep people who have a lot more to them than you ever actually even think about

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